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Metal Forming

Once cut to size and shape with the Laser or Shear, flat metal sheets can be formed into 3D objects using a Brake Press. The brake bends the metal by pressing it between a male and female die with up to 135 tons of hydraulic pressure. Kent Metal Products boasts some of the best brake presses in town.

Full Digital Control

Our machines are equipped with a host of digital controls to help make every bend perfect.

Step 1 is to program the controls with the dimensions of the part and a description of the bends we wat to make.

The controller coverts this information to a 3D model that we preview and adjust before making the first bend. Once in production, the controller follows bend-by-bend, adjusting stop positions and pressures to achieve the final result.

The Bending Process

In this example, the part being bent is placed against the black backstops.

The backstops are moved by the controller left-to-right, back-to-front to precisely position the part relative to the upper and lower press dies.

Making the Bend

The operator activates the machine and the upper die descends to clamp and press the metal plate into the lower die.

A variety of different dies are used to create different bends, angles and curves. Our machines can bend:

  • Mild Steel up to 1/4″ thick
  • Stainless Steel up to 3/16′ thick
  • Aluminum up to 1/2″ thick
  • Bar up to 5/8″ diameter

The Best in Bending

Precision bending takes both tech and technique. Kent Metal Products has both.

If you have an professional project that needs to be bent, our Project Managers would be interested in speaking with you.

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