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We Pack a Punch !

If you need to put a lot of holes into a sheet of metal, an automatic punch press is the tool of choice. Able to quickly position and punch a variety of openings, a turret punch makes quick work of jobs that would otherwise take days to complete.

The Turret and Tool Changer

Most jobs require that we punch a variety of holes of different sizes and shapes.

To make that happen, a turret punch press is equipped with an automatic tool changer. Holding the upper and lower punching die sets, the tool changer spins to position any 1 of 28 dies below the punch turret located above.

When in position, the punch fires, pushing the punch tool down through the metal sheet to create the hole.

The part will then be re-positioned and the tool changer will spins to select the next punch tool to be used.

Programing the Position

Like our other equipment, instructing the punch press what hole to punch and where begins with a CNC controller.

Using a CNC language called G-Code, the program sets important parameters such as the X/Y location on the sheet, tool selection and punching sequence.

Some Things We’ve Punched:

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