We Weld. A Lot.

With 4 welding tables running 2 shifts daily, Welding is one of the principal services we offer. Welding is both a science and an art. That’s why Kent Metal Products is both a Canadian Welding Bureau Certified facility and our team is full of welders with literal decades of experience.

MIG + TIG + Aluminum

MIG welding is by far our most popular service.

Valued for it’s speed and strength, MIG welding is suitable for most mild-steels over 16 gauge. Running a fleet of spool-fed Miller welding machines, our skilled welders lay down thousands of quality welds each day.

Kent Metal Products is also proficient at TIG welding on stainless surfaces and regularly welds aluminum into products like glazing frames and food-service carts.


Per the age-old carpentry adage of “Measure Twice, Cut Once”, the secret to a quality weld lies in preparation.

Often starting with a setup jig, parts are aligned and clamped in place on the jig. Only once everything is locked-down and double-checked does the weld gets made.

Once cooled, welds are generally ground flat to remove rough spots or spatter. Depending on the item, welds may be ground flat such that they become invisible once painted.

Mid-Volumes & Customization

We’re glad to take-on select low-volume projects, but these can become cost-prohibitive because there are a lot of costs to divide between just a few pieces.

We’re also glad to take-on high-volume work, but have no interest in competing with overseas labour standards and costs.

What we excel at is Mid-Volume Customization = a few hundred pieces like this, a few hundred like that. It’s enough that costs are controlled for the client, but not enough that overseas production is an economical alternative. Plus experience shows that when it comes to customization, local production is the fastest, most-assured way to get what you need.

A Truckload Every Day

Our welding department is a hive of activity 16 hours per day.

Assembling quality products used in Industry, Construction and Civil Works, you can count on the experienced welding team at Kent Metal Products to deliver.

If we can help with your professional welding project, it pays to speak with one of our Project Managers:

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