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By now, we’ve Sheared a bunch of parts that have then been Punched, Laser Cut and Bent into shape. It’s now time for our skilled Fabricators to assemble those parts into the final product. The key here: All of that work can quickly go wrong if this critical last step is not executed perfectly.

An Expert Touch

Fabrication is performed only by our most experienced craftspeople.

In this example, two of our expert welders work to proto-type a custom computer server cabinet being made in cooperation with another local manufacturer.

Working from a sample, they verify a multitude of details before the first weld is made. Measurements, angles, inclines and finishes all need to be exact or the cabinet won’t serve it’s specialized purpose.

In Fabrication, there is simply no substitute for Knowledge and Experience. Our seasoned staffers have both in abundance.

What Will We Make Next?

In business for over 75 years, Kent Metal Products has completed thousands of projects. In recent years we’ve made:

  • Airline serving carts
  • Public Art Installations
  • Sheds and Bridges for Parks
  • Recycling Stations for city streets
  • Glass Frames for buildings all over North America
  • Designer Light Fixtures
  • Designer Furniture

Add to this list thousands of brackets, sub-assemblies, architectural components, storage systems and so much more. And when it comes to custom fabricating these products, there’s no software or robot that will replace the skilled craftspeople at Kent Metal Products.

Do you have a professional project our skilled Fabricators can help with? One of our Project Managers would be glad to consult.

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