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Metal Shearing

A Metal Shear cuts large sheets of metal into smaller pieces. These pieces are then Punched, Bent and Welded into a larger Fabrication. Shears are best at producing long, straight, parallel cuts. Kent Metal Products runs a state-of-the-art 10′ Shear that superbly slices metal sheets up to 1/8″ thick.

The Shearing Process

Everything starts with sheet metal stock. Available in different types of metal, gauges (thickness) and finishes, Kent has an established relationship with every metal supplier in our market.

In this example, a skid of 50 @ 12 gauge cold-rolled steel sheets is positioned in front of the shear, then an individual sheet is de-stacked and loaded onto the shearing table.

Control Panel

The operator sets a digital controller according to the material and size to be cut.

The controller stores commonly used programs and counts along during the run.

Let’s Cut

When everything is ready, the operator pushes the metal sheet against the backstop guide, and activates the machine by pressing the footswitch.

Then, like a giant pair of scissors cutting paper, the shear blades progressively cut the metal sheet from one side to the other.

A Slice of Perfection

A view from behind the shear shows the finished product: Straight, parallel metal strips produced with minimal burr.

Some clients just need their material sheared.

For others this will be the first step in producing their order.

Either way, Kent Metal Products can help.

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