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Laser Focused on Cutting

One of our core technologies is Laser Cutting. This spellbinding machine fires a 2Kw beam of concentrated light through steel sheet up to 1/4″thick. Yielding a crisp, clean finish, laser cutting is a remarkably efficient process that provides precise and uniform pieces with which to work.

It Starts with a Program

Laser cutting begins with a program that will tell the laser what to cut.

Working from your .DXF or similar CAD file, a second set of software interprets those drawings to create cut patterns, sequence, and part nesting on the sheet to be cut.

We understand that laser programming is not your specialty, but it is ours, so be assured that we’re glad to help you.

The Laser Controller

When ready, files are transferred to the Controller that controls the laser beam and cutting path.

It also allows for a range of options based on the type and thickness of metal being cut. The operator may also adjust depending on the design being cut, and it’s not unusual for several test cuts to occur before a production run begins.

Let’s Go!

Once the setup is complete, the controller begins to run the job.

Fully automatic, the laser cutter can run for hours with no intervention required by the operator beyond monitoring.

We commonly cut:

  • Mild Steel from 14 gauge to 1/4″
  • Stainless Steel from 12 – 16 gauge
  • Aluminum from 12 – 16 gauge

Cutting Stainless Steel

Our laser is often used to cut one-off stainless steel profiles to be used as fascia in kitchens, restaurants, elevators and fine office millwork.

Stainless steel is available in a range of thicknesses and finishes such as polished or brushed. In this example, the steel’s cosmetic finish is protected by a plastic film. The laser first cuts the film, and then the steel. Accurate and precise, each part cut from this sheet will be identical to the rest.

Table Auto-Change

Our Laser Cutting Machine can cut metal sheets up to 4′ wide x 10′ long

Once a sheet has completed cutting, an automatic table changer ejects the carriage it sits on. It then loads a second carriage with a fresh sheet and continues cutting.

Cutting Complete!

Once the tables have changed, the operator safely strips the laser cut pieces from the matrix.

From here, parts may be shipped to the client, or my remain in our factory for additional finishing processes like bending, welding and assembly into the final product.

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